Free Your Health

Specializing in salads, wraps and cold-pressed juices, Free Range Cafe will offer tasty, healthy options for a variety of taste buds.  We'll also have a family friendly atmosphere, complete with a dedicated kids area, as well as drive-thru service.

What We Believe
We live in a time where healthy food choices matter more than ever, yet we are still bound to our fast paced lives.  We want to eat healthy and local, but the options we need are neither near nor dear (to our taste buds that is).  Free range café is our answer to the delimma. It is a place where you know you can get a good, healthy meal whether you hang out, pop in or drive through. It is a family friendly atmosphere you will always enjoy and where each member of the family has been taken into consideration.

From play areas to high teas this is a place for everyone. This is food that makes you feel good!  This is Free Range Cafe

Free Range Cafe - Hagerstown